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Congee Town

Posted: 05/08/16

Congee Town

Restaurant: Congee_Town Scarborough

Nelson:A Chinese diner style restaurant, they had an impressive display of BBQ meats. Very clean for a Chinese restaurant, so it makes a good first impression.
Here are the meats. Both BBQ Pork and Roast Pork were really fatty. Too fatty for my liking, but I can understand why some people would like it.
Soup of the Day.
Sweet and Sour Pork. There were lots of bones and teh veggies were undercooked. Fail.
Pork neck! I dont' think I would ever buy and prepare this myself so it's a good dish to order at restaurants. The firm and almost crisp meat is a nice contrast with the rest of the meats.
Garoupa with bitter melon. This was an inconsistent dish with some pieces tasting better than otheres. I don't know how that is possible. Old fish? Different fish? Undercooked fish? Who knows.
This is fried green beans and pork but with a twist - Olives! It really adds an interesting flavour element to this dish, but unfortunately it was a tad undercooked and too crunchy.
Rice noodles with beef.
Celebrating a birthday so we end our meal with a T&T cake.

Overall a diner trying to reach up to become a restaurant, but not quite there yet. At least the prices are decent so can't complain much.

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