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Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse

Posted: 05/06/16

Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse

Restaurant: Copacabana_Brazilian_Steakhouse Toronto

Nelson @CopaToronto: Back here for another Bachelor party as this place seems to draw Bachelor parties like no tomorrow. I didn't take great photos this time, but I must report that they have upheld their quality over the years. My only complaint is that sometimes the meats (or pineapple) you want don't come out when you want them too, but it's tough to satisfy everyone in the restaurant. Also good for a bachelor/bachelorette parties because of the carnival show with female and male dancers.

We start with the basics of course, blue for meat, red to stop. A great concept that lets the servers know whether to come over or not.

Usually people start with the salad bar which includes these carbs. I think it's a waste of tummy to use on these carbs, but they still appear to be pretty popular. But when they come around with the fresh cheese balls and corn bread it's hard to say no (not pictured).
The actual salads are decent, and even though I also thinks it's a waste, it's probably a good idea to eat some from here for the sake of your digestive tract.
Olives are expensive!
Cold cuts seems like an unnecessary meat, but who am I to complain?
Cassava. Like fries, South American style. This tells me I'm in Brazil.
A little bit o the salad and the first meat sighting! Just some sirloin.
I apologize the pictures aren't prettier. This is a whole pile of meat include chicken top right and various beef cuts elsewhere. I should have taken pictures of the meat while still on the stick, but this'll have to do. My favourites are Top Sirloin which looks like a bunch of softballs on a stick (bottom right). The garlic steak has a white colour on the outside and is one of my favourites because of the intense flavours the garlic gives the meat.
Other meats include flank steak which is very tender. The cheese steak looks so appealing and is juicy with the mix of cheese and meat. Other meats that aren't pictured include spicy chicken and leg of goat.
Of course one of my favourites is the pineapple. Just a simple dusting of brown sugar/cinnamon and the important step of grilling and you have perfection. Beside it is some chimichurri steak which isn't my favourite, but still good.
This is the filet mignon parmesan. It has a white dusting of cheese on the outside and also has great flavours with the lean cut of meat.
To finish the meal is some fruit and salad. Also the beef ribs came by so I tried some. Yum!

Overall a great place to bring a party or for a special night out. It's not cheap, but you are guaranteed to go home stuffed full of delicious meat.

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