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Po Boys

Posted: 04/29/16

Po Boys

Restaurant: Po_Boys Toronto

Nelson: Unfortunately this restaurant has already closed down. Guess that means my backlog is quite long. I've already visited what has replaced it too. Anyway, this is New Orleans style restaurant specializing in Po'Boys. But we start with blackened catfish on freshly baked bread with lettuce tomato and pickles with a side of coleslaw ($11.95). First thing to note is that the bread is so light, airy and fresh. Goes perfectly in this sandwich. It was a tad salty and quite spicy, and overall full of flavour. I liked this even better than the next sandwich. The side of sweet potatoes were fried crisp with a dash of cinnamon and lots of salt. Good stuff.

This is the Po'boy with deep fried oyster and bacon. A strange combo, right? But surprisingly good. The oysters had a strong sea flavour to them that contrasted well with the very fresh tomato and lettuce. I loved the pickles in the sandwich as well as the sauce. Everything goes together so well. On the side is a creamy coleslaw with raisins that was delicious.

Overall a great meal, too bad they have closed.


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