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Candy Store & Ice Cream

Posted: 04/26/16

Candy Store & Ice Cream

Restaurant: none

Nelson: There is an awesome candy store in Sauble Beach. They have imported all sorts of candy and I should have taken more pictures to capture the sheer variety. There were definitely items I have never seen before. I'm not that crazy into candy, but what really caught my eye was this Dr. Pepper vanilla cherry flavour. I love cherry coke. I love Dr. Pepper. Add together and add vanilla you get this! It's pretty good, although I find Dr. Pepper already tastes a little like cherry coke. Sure I would get it again, but probably wouldn't seek it out.

Next are some Hello Kitty snacks. Hello Kitty is the master of licensing.

Lastly are some ice creams we enjoyed at the beach. Can't wait for summer to begin!


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