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Georgian Bay Whitefish & Chips

Posted: 04/24/16

Georgian Bay Whitefish & Chips

Restaurant: The_Fish_and_Chips_Place

Nelson: Great patio and sign presence in this small town, we waited for a table. They seemed understaffed and really busy on this weekend summer day. We start with a calamari appetizer ($8.95). They are described as lightly battered, but they are actually really heavily battered. So much so that I could hardly taste the seafood. It was good in a deep fried kind of way. They were served with shrimp sauce.
Here are the namesake fish and chips ($12.95). These are locally sourced as they are Georgian Bay Whitefish. Turns out this type of fish is oily and fishy, much more than I had expected. It's much stronger in flavour than either haddock or cod. Not that I'm complaining, it was still quite tasty with a nice batter to it.
This ugly picture is of the Tobermory Fish Taco ($5.95). There is no way to make an already wrapped taco look good, so I apologize for the unflattering picture. Overall they were only ok and I've had much better ones, but at least it was decently sized. I feel like this would something I can make at home in a pinch and it was missing some extra ingredients that would make it taste much better.
Bits & Chips are tender bite sized pieces of of fresh Georgian Bay Whitefish ($6.95). Really they are exactly the same as the regular order, just smaller pieces. The fries are nicely chunky as they should be for fish and chips so that they can be soaked in malt vinegar.

Overall I really like that they serve local fish which makes their offering unique. So I would recommend if you ever find yourself in Tobermory.

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