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Magic Noodle

Posted: 04/18/16

Magic Noodle

Restaurant: Magic_Noodle Richmond_Hill

Nelson: With a website designed to draw in hipsters this is the rare Chinese restaurant that appeals to both Asians and Western people. The main attraction are the hand pulled noodles. If you've ever watch them being made you'd understand why it is so cool. Now hopefully non-Asians can begin to appreciate this skill as well.

We start with an appetizer of cold flavoured sliced potatoes with peanuts ($3.25). I expected this to taste like how my mom makes it, but instead they were sour from vinegar. It was also crunchy from not being cooked too long which is a novel way to serve potato. It wasn't raw either so it was edible. The garlic was also very strong in this dish which I loved.

Shanghai style fried sliced noodles ($9.99). This was one of my favourite dishes because of the satisfying flavours and textures.
Sizzling pork chop with hand pulled noodle ($7.99 for Large). Hard to see, but this had some stringy hand pulled noodles that were very al dente. I like noodles that provide some texture. The broth had a bit of lamb flavour to it which was strange since this is a pork soup.
Sizzling fresh squid tentacles ($1.99) on a stick. This wasn't very good and the almost all street food versions were better than this one. Maybe not enough charcoal indoors? It also was slightly undercooked and tiny.
This is the house special with hand-pulled noodle ($8.99 for Large). The picture looked a lot better than what we got. It did have a lot of variety but also included lamb which contaminated the broth. Some people might like that though.
Sliced Noodle with beef ($8.99 for large). The beef in the soup was so tender and fell apart so easily. It was also delicious. The broth was great too and this one was my favourite noodle soup. The noodles were of the hand cut variety but there were some large chunks that seemed out of place. I guess hand cut is not as consistent as the other styles.
Fried pancake with leek ($2.99). What they didn't advertise was the vermicelli inside. In fact it was stuffed with so much vermicelli that it should be called vermicelli fried pancake. Since I don't like vermicelli I didn't like these.
These are slice pig ears in soy sauce ($4.99). I like pig ears as they are more about texture than taste. That texture is very crunchy. I've had better versions of this dish, but I'm not sure what made the other ones any better.
Cake with red bean paste was excellent. This was one of the better ones I've had as it was stuff with filling and came out piping hot.

Overall good dishes here, bu they need to work on consistency to truly become great. The long lineups beg to differ from my opinion.

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