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Blue Lagoon Peking Duck

Posted: 04/14/16

Blue Lagoon Peking Duck

Restaurant: Blue_Lagoon Mississauga

Nelson: This newly renovated restaurant took their huge dining room and shrunk it a bit, but replaced it with a nice lobby. They had a focus on seafood, specifically large lobsters and crab, but on this night we tried the Peking duck. The service was extremely slow on this night (mother's day weekend) so we got a free soup to tide us over. It was really meaty and also had pear.
Standard Peking Duck service. We specifically asked if they could cut more meat in these pieces and they sure did.
The wraps were a bit small.
This is like a soya sauce chicken, but it was cut up and cooked with cashews, parsley, sprouts and green onion. The sauce they used is the typical chicken salty sesame sauce. I like this concept, but this dish was too salty. Just a bit less salt and this would be a great dish, something a bit different from the regular dish of pieces of chicken.
This is pork neck stir fry with black bean and XO sauce. Usually pork neck is cut really thinly but this was not and made the meaty more tender and less tightly tendony.
Vegetables with very very large shiitake.
Dessert is red bean jello and almond cookies.
Overall very large portions and decent presentation. I like it so far, much better than the previous restaurant which was just plain with nothing about standing out except its size. As you will see I come here quite often to try something in these tanks!

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