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Pacific Mall Eats

Posted: 04/10/16

Pacific Mall Eats

Restaurant: Honey_Bear Pacific_Mall Prairie_Lamb_Kabob

Nelson: The largest indoor Chinese mall in North America is Pacific Mall They have quite a number of choices for food. Kitty's favourite snack are the fish balls that are readily available every where you go. The curry sauce really makes these tasty and the perfect snack.

On the right with is some passion fruit green tea. At first the flavour was too strong for me, but it grew on me and in the end I really enjoyed it. The intensity of the flavour is so strong it must be fake. Or is it?

These are beef skewers from Prairie Lamb Kabob (3 for $6.50). These were heavily spiced with the typical spices used for lamb. It's a unique taste strong in flavour with bitterness and spice coming through. Unfortunately they used an electric heater to cook these when the proper way to cook these is with charcoal. Maybe they can't use charcoal indoors.

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These "chicken egg" pastries are always tempting because of the aroma they give off when being cooked. Unfortunately they smell better than they taste and if they are not filled with anything, they can be a little plain.
Lastly we had some popcorn chicken from Honey Bear. These taste great. That first bite of saltiness and oil that hits you is incredible. Unfortunately they suffer from diminishing returns as it cools. Still worth getting though.

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