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Osmow's Favourites

Posted: 04/29/16

Osmow's Favourites

Restaurant: Brampton Osmows

dre: My visiting cousin wanted some Mediterranean food, so we suggested getting some Osmow's takeout. If I had to pick between Osmow's or Mosaic Mediterranean Grill, I would pick Osmow's. Their prices are much cheaper and the food is just as good! I would say that Mosaic has better fries though.

The first two dishes were Falafels and Osmow's Special - marinated chicken breast grilled with onions, green peppers and pineapples. I always enjoy their falafels. Sometimes they might be dry, but if you dip it in a nice sauce, it's makes up for being dry.

The second picture has Chicken on the Rocks - rice topped with chicken shawarma and special sauce. We actually got the sauce on the side so that we could control it better. Their Chicken Shawarma dish is actually the same thing but comes with fries.
I wanted to try the Shish Taouk - boneless and skinless chicken breast cooked with mild curry and Mediterranean spices. It was a little dry for me.

All in all, I'd stick with their Shwarmas and Chicken on the Rocks, as most things were quite similar.

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