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Best BBQ in Brampton

Posted: 04/21/16

Best BBQ in Brampton

Restaurant: Brampton RDs_BBQ

dre @BBQRDs: My cousin was in town, and he wanted to eat non-Asian food, so we brought some RD's home. We wanted to get the Hush Puppies, but they were sold out, so instead we got some Deep Fried Okra. My cousin also ordered a Catfish Po'boy.
I ordered a full rack of ribs and wings. There wasn't a choice on different sauces, but we could choose the level of spiciness for the wings
This is the other half of the rack, and some pulled pork. The ribs were good, but I thought the pulled pork was a little dry.
Finally, here are sides. We ordered the rice and the fries, and I felt that we should have some other vegetables, so I complemented the meal by making some corn and broccoli.

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