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Delucious Ban Chan Delivery Service

Posted: 04/06/16

Delucious Ban Chan Delivery Service

Restaurant: Delucious

Nelson: One of the most distinctive aspects of Korean food is the mini portions of food that come with your meal called banchan. Wouldn't it be awesome if these were delivered fresh to your door? Delucious tried to start a business doing exactly this. They delivered vegetarian Korean side dishes freshly made. Unfortunately they have shut down operation since even though my parents and I both wanted to subsequently order from them.

DISLAIMER: This sample was given for free to promote Delucious' business

I think the delivery aspect proved more difficult than expected, but as a consumer I liked the idea. The appeal is that you can get some Korean ingredients without having to go to the Korean supermarket which would be normally be out of the way for me. At the supermarket I think you could get something similar for $15-$20? Not 100% sure though. What you see here is a smaller size than their regular portions which are double in size and normally costed $25.

Top left is seaweed, the going clockwise is pickled radish, kimchi, pickled and spiced cabbage, bean sprouts and spinach. They were all delicioius with my favourite as the pickled radish and least the cabbage.

So with these ingredients I decided to make some bibimbap. All I had to make was the meat (ground beef) with some shiitake, throw it on top of the rice with the other ingredients and top it off with an egg. That plus adding the bibimbap sauce that I bought the next day and it is a perfect meal.

Too bad they don't exist anymore :(


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