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Kitty's Home Cooked Meal

Posted: 04/04/16

Kitty's Home Cooked Meal

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Kitty was hosting our friend L and it was up to her to do all the cooking. I only helped with some of the prep, but otherwise this meal was cooked completely by Kitty. And she didn't wimp out with something easy, this meal took skill and effort to make!

This is the topping for the Atlantic cod, a mix of crush pistachio and panko flakes. Pistachios are expensive!

Although it's only one guest we made up a cheese plate as well. On the far left is Beemster a dutch goat cheese ($9.16). It wasn't that strong for a goat cheese and pretty hard. In the middle is Kaiser Noyan Cheese ($5.51). This was a really plain cheese but had a nice texture. On the right is a redwood smokey English cheese ($5.79) which was my favourite as it had a lot more flavour. It had a nice smokiness to it too, but the texture was a bit strange and rubbery. To finish is herb and garlic Cracker Barrel which is one of my favourites from their line. It tastes like eating cubes of garlic butter spread. The cubes on the far right is Havarti.
Kitty made a butternut squash soup as appetizer. We could work on the presentation, but it tasted good.
Here is the fresh Alaska Atlantic cod fillets ($28.64/kg) topped with pistachio/panko bread crumbs. The topping had a nice nutty crunchy flavour to it on top of the fatty cod. There was also another ingredients to bind the topping together, but I will have to ask Kitty. The end result is absolutely delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed it eating something my wife cooked and was happy that we had leftovers to eat the next day.
Steamed Asparagus. I remember the first time I had Kitty prep these for me and she didn't know to cut off the ends. Now she is tapering the ends off. She has come a long way!
Roast potatoes for some starch. I don't understand why the mini red potatoes are so expensive compared to the large ones. Is it because these are selected for their cosmetic appeal and therefore harder to find/process?
Quinoa, Kitty's go-to starch dish. I don't even know how to make this, so whenever you see this showing up in my pictures, Kitty has made it. Delicious and healthy.
The finished plate. Nice! Thanks Kitty!
Dessert is phyllo pastries filled with Greek yogurt, honey and fresh mango. This is also a Kitty specialty and requires a lot of work to cut and butter/oil the layers. It's simple in ingredients, but really tasty. Not too sweet, but allows each element to come out beautifully.

Kitty has truly come a long way from her University days and has skills now! Sweet. It's good for me :)


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  • I am very impressed!!! Looks great, Kitty!!!
    Dre @ 2016-04-04
  • Also, did you know that baby potatoes were actually reject potatoes from the farm? They used to be thrown out until someone decided to market it differently!
    dre @ 2016-04-05

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