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Culiniste/GoodFood Week 2

Posted: 04/05/16

Culiniste/GoodFood Week 2

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dre: Culiniste is a meal preparation and delivery service based in Montreal. I was offered a complimentary 2-week subscription and tried out the 3-meal plan for 2 people.

It's been awhile since I posted the first week's Culiniste meals. Two months later, I go back to their site, and they have changed names to GoodFood! From reading their site, doesn't look like anything has changed except their name, and they still have their yummy recipes and deliveries as a weekly subscription. You choose how many and which meals you'd like and they put together the ingredients for you and send it out.

The first recipe was the Buffalo Style Chicken Drumsticks with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce. Both Mike and I really really dislike blue cheese, so we didn't bother making that. While the chicken drumsticks were baking, the celery, apples and celeriac were chopped. We didn't make the salad properly, as they were supposed to have a sour cream and vinegar dressing, but I wasn't a fan of sour cream. Instead, I used a salad dressing I already had in the fridge. It didn't matter, because the celeriac was really weird and very very hard. I already don't like celery either, and the celeriac was more tasteless and less crispy. The drumsticks mixed with the Buffalo sauce was good, but the salad was a bomb.

The next dish was Babette Steak and Pan Sauce with Warm Crispy Potato Salad. The beef was great, but the potato salad was much too sour for my liking. It had too much balsamic vinegar mixed in.

The last dish, Korean Pork and Rice Cakes, was the best dish of the week. The ground pork was cooked with sweet soy sauce and sriracha, a great sweet/spicy combo. The rice cakes were interesting to cook with, but easy to use. This was a great dish, and I definitely kept the recipe.

If you want to try them out, our BiteMe link for $25 off should still work!


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