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Wacky Wings Dr. Pepper Burger

Posted: 03/29/16

Wacky Wings Dr. Pepper Burger

Restaurant: Mississauga Wacky_Wings

Nelson @wackywings: My goto sports bar in the west end, the number of screens and environment are great for watching sports. The food? Some interesting choices, but not so good overall. I've posted about the wings before so this time I tried something else. We shared some nachos to start. Lots of colours here and variety. I like added vegetables, but the added lettuce in this shape is a bit strange. This is a decent dense small plate of nachos.
This is the Dr. Pepper Crunch Burger ($12.99). Not sure what it has to do with Dr. Pepper, but it has bacon and onion rings and a sweet bbq sauce (Dr. Pepper here?). The bun was really sweet. It was ok and went down easy.

I like how they have set up the sides where you choose different ones with lots of upgrades available. I decided to pick Get Pickled Poutine (+$3.49) with dry dill pickles, cheese curds, gravy and buttermilk dill dressing. There weren't any pickles in here, but there was a generous amount of the ranch style dressing. Turns out I didn't like this combination that much even though I love pickles. It was more dill than pickles.

So I'm still searching for a go to item to order from here when I frequent the premises to watch sports.

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