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New SkyDome Foods

Posted: 03/23/16

New SkyDome Foods

Restaurant: Rogers_Centre Toronto

Nelson @RogersCentre: Rogers had a few new items in 2015. The first is a Porchetta sandwich. I tried to make it look as good as possible, but it doesn't look very well put together. That and it was very difficult to eat making a mess. The chunks of crispy fat is nice, but the way it is just haphazardly strewn about doesn't add to the sandwich. It tasted ok, but I've had much much better versions of this. I think they have since discontinued this item.
This is a more Canadian item, a peameal bacon sausage. This is a really inventive remixing of peameal bacon into sausage form. What is most surprising is that it tastes like you are eating peameal bacon....but in sausage form. Honey mustard is added and grilled vegetables on top.
You can see the insides of the sausage here. I liked this, but wouldn't want to pay much more than the price of a regular sausage. This is also a unique item and Canadian to boot. SkyDome really needs more signature food items. I believe this menu item is still around so they kept the better one of the two new items.


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