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Jerk Chicken Nachos at SkyDome is my Favourite!

Posted: 03/21/16

Jerk Chicken Nachos at SkyDome is my Favourite!

Restaurant: Rogers_Centre Toronto

Nelson @RogersCentre: Start of baseball means more SkyDome eats. Err...I mean Rogers Centre. My absolute, absolute favourite food at SkyDome is the Big Smoke Jerk Chicken Nachos ($11). Most of the other food at Rogers Centre isn't very good, but this is consistently the best and therefore my go to order.

I always ask for extra coleslaw, and this makes it look very massive. Plus it makes it even tastier. I love all the different flavours and creaminess of it along with the crunch of the nachos. I eat this with a fork because it's so hearty.

The ingredients are jerk chicken with add a bit of kick, nacho cheese which I'm not usually a fan of, but goes well here in keeping everything together, creamy coleslaw that is very nicely creamy, green onion and nacho chips.Plus the bonus ingredients of tomato salsa and sour cream. Delicious!

The Jerk Chicken Nachos are the best food in SkyDome and if I'm eating here, I always get it! Yum!


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