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Century Palace Dim Sum

Posted: 03/19/16

Century Palace Dim Sum

Restaurant: Century_Palace Richmond_Hill

Nelson: This location is apparently good for kids because it is very spacious. Now I appreciate this point more so then when I first went here.Let's check out the Dim Sum.

The standard siu mai. Typical.

Bean curd rolls. Fried pretty good.
Some people at our table really love chicken feet.
Rice Roll with shrimp.
Shrimp rolls. We let this get cold so it wasn't very good. So can't really pass proper judgement.
This flat pancake thing was too dry and therefore not very good.
Congee. Don't think I had any.
Deep fried shrimp in wonton wrappers with mayo. Pretty good as it usually is.
Har Gow. They stuck together and the skin broke apart. Fail.
Fried noodles. It was way way way too oily. It was also inconsistently cooked with some parts raw and other parts burnt. They shouldn't have served this to customers. Dislike.
These ribs were sweet and delicious. This was the best dish of the meal.
Egg Tart. I like this type with the flaky shell. Had to get two orders of course.
Sticky Rice. I don't like this version with the egg yolk stuff making up most of the filling.
Pork Steam Rice. A favourite of mine, but this one wasn't that great. It was lacking something.
Pork and squash with black bean. Don't see this everywhere, it was ok.
Mah Lai Goh. Cake that is steamed instead of baked.

Overall, I would say this dim sum place is slightly below average. It does have a nice space though and is convenient to bring your family to.

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