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Cousin's BarBQ

Posted: 03/17/16

Cousin's BarBQ

Restaurant: Cousins_BarBQ Dallas

Nelson @cousinsbbq: At the airport and gotta have some more BBQ before leaving Texas. Conveniently by my gate, is Cousin's BAR-B-Q. Seeing how they love their brisket here, I opted for the sliced (left) and chopped (right) beef brisket ($13.19). The chopped brisket was so incredibly juicy and delicious. I couldn't quite believe it was brisket. Even the sliced version was pretty juicy. They really know how to cook brisket! The BBQ sauce was nice and tangy. I decided to buy a bottle to bring home with me as a gift. The coleslaw was a mix of sour and creamy. And since we were in Texas, they served Texas toast. With butter of course.

Anyway, one of the best briskets I have ever had! So Juicy!

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