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Texas Land & Cattle

Posted: 03/13/16

Texas Land & Cattle

Restaurant: Dallas Texas_Land_and_Cattle

Nelson @TxLandCattle: Although I came here last time, their location is good and with a name like Texas Land & Cattle, I decided to come back.

The sourdough bread that comes out first is great and I almost got full on it!

The iceberg lettuce wedge salad wasn't as good as last time as the lettuce wasn't as crunchy or big. The blue cheese sauce is very savoury and partly what makes this "salad" good.
Lastly is the main course of steak. This is the peppercorn ribeye ($22.99). The steak was juicy and flavourful, but it didn't have very much peppercorn. The baked potato looks amazing, but surprisingly I would say that even more toppings are needed. It looks like it's full of toppings, but it's not. The sauce that comes with the steak is some sort of wine based sauce which I didn't like much. That's ok, because a good steak doesn't need any garnish, and this was delicious.

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