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Rudy's BBQ

Posted: 03/07/16

Rudy's BBQ

Restaurant: Dallas Rudys_BBQ

Nelson @rudysbbq: I asked to be taken to a real Texan BBQ place and my host unexpectedly led me to a gas station called Rudy's. I would have never known to come here for BBQ. Even if I gassed up here, I may not have known to stop for a bite. The store layout is unique too as you go in line to order, order, pay and then watch as they cut the meat in front of you. They put the meat on wax paper and place it on your holey tray which you bring to your picnic bench table.

You fill your own fountain drink and my favourite thing about Texas is that there is Dr. Pepper available everywhere (not pictured). Dr. Pepper is my favourite soft drink and I usually don't drink pop, but since Dr. Pepper was so readily available I drank it with every meal.

Also note that there is free unlimited white bread. This you just take to eat with your meal.

At your table you take wax paper and pile your food on top. Squirt your BBQ sause of choice on the wax paper and eat! There were two choices of BBQ sauce and I picked the spicy one. It wasn't that spicy, but it was still a really good BBQ sauce.

On the left is the moist brisket which had a healthy (ie not healthy) amount of fat that made it absolutely mouthwatering delicious. The outer layer had this nice smokey crust to it that lent so much more flavour.

On the right is the pulled pork which was also nicely moist with the bonus of onions mixed in. It wasn't too sweet, but the meaty flavour really came through nicely. It was pretty good, but I've had better.

We got a side of beans, which were ok (I'm never going to really like beans). You can also pick out some pickles and jalapenos to eat as well.

It was really enjoyable to eat authentic Texas BBQ! Would have never have known to come here!

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