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Love and War in Texas

Posted: 03/03/16

Love and War in Texas

Restaurant: Dallas Love_and_War_In_Texas

Nelson: Texas is famous for steak. So when asked where to go for dinner, I picked steak. The restaurant was stereotypically decorated Texas style. This location used to allow open carry. Texas! Before we get to the meat, first there is a salad. It was a very basic salad. Enough words about salad, onto the meat.
I ordered the Longhorn ($27.99) a center cut 14 oz Texas-style strip. All their steaks are aged, hand cut, seasoned and mesquite grilled for flavor. I hadn't heard of this cut before so that's why I ordered it. I asked for rare, but it came out blue rare. So it was a tad too rare, but it was still delicious. What didn't help I suppose was that it was thick and quite large (everything is bigger in Texas, right?). The best thing about the steak was that they had such a nice smokey burn on the outside that made this steak absolutely delicious.

The sides include some skillet potatoes that were too salty. It was nice that there were vegetables in the potatoes, but it was too salty. The smoked corn on the cob was delicious. The bean salad added a bit of tanginess to the flavours of the meal was ok. I generally don't like bean salads. Anyway, the meat was excellent, everything else was soso. I like meat.

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