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Twin Peaks

Posted: 03/01/16

Twin Peaks

Restaurant: Dallas Twin_Peaks

Nelson: After flying in to Dallas and needing to eat towards the end of the night, I passed by this place that seemed pretty busy. It had many screens, so I thought that was a positive. Little did I know that it was a sports bar where the waitresses wore skimpy outfits. Only afterwards did I realize what "Twin Peaks" were referring to.

Anyway, it was the NCAA final that night, so I got to watch some sports and drink some beer. This is a Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, a select blend of malts which reveals layers of caramel, chocolate and coffee notes ($4.5). Despite all these flavour notes, they didn't really come through for me. They advertised that the beer is chilled to below zero though, so that's something really unique. Not quite sure how they do it.

I tried the smokehouse burger ($10.25) with cheddar/mushrooms/red onions/bbq sauce/bacon/lettuce/tomato/pickles/fire fries. This burger was huge and packed full of stuff. It was good and not surprisingly very filling. The fries were only ok and a bit dry.
Here's a closer pic of the burger. Everything is bigger in Texas. Also strangely enough, the pepper was not finely ground and had big chunks. EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas.

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