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Chickies & Pete's in Philly Airport

Posted: 02/28/16

Chickies & Pete's in Philly Airport

Restaurant: Chickies_and_Petes Philadelphia

Nelson: On a work trip and with a stopover in Philly means I had to have a Philly Cheesesteak. This day also happened to be the Blue Jays Season Opener, so I had to find myself an airport sports bar that served a Philly Cheesesteak. Thankfully I found one in Chickies & Pete's. My layover almost exactly matched the time of the game, so it luckily worked out quite well for me.

We start with the World Famous Crabfries ($5) with a side of their famous white creamy cheese sauce. I really liked these fries as they had a good bit of spice as well as being fried well. The cheese sauce that came with the fries is the same cheese sauce that goes on the cheesesteak sandwich and it tasted fattening. That means it tasted good.

Pete's Philly Famous Cheesesteak ($11). The cheesesteak was ok and I liked the onions. Surprisingly the best part was the cheese sauce even though I don't like Cheese Whiz. I guess this is way better than Cheese Whiz. The beef itself was cut extremely thin, but they were generous with the quantity of beef. Despite seeking this out specifically, I'm not a huge fan of cheesesteaks. They feel so fattening and the mouthfeel is too soft and mushy in my opinion. I haven't had the "official" one from Philly yet though.
Because airport food prices are so expensive I decided to pay for the beer personally. I tried a local beer, the Victory Crabbey Ale ($5.50). It went well with greasy meal and the baseball game. I struck up some conversations with some local Philly sports fan and had a decent time as I waited for my transferring flight.Where am I headed?

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