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L&A's Homecooked Fine Dining Meal

Posted: 02/26/16

L&A's Homecooked Fine Dining Meal

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Our friends L & A invited us over to their place for a dinner. They go all out for their guests so were in for a treat. As an example, they printed out custom menus, which is a really nice touch.

The meal starts with a roasted red pepper soup. I really liked their bowl which contrasts with the rich red soup. This was a delicious soup that I probably ate too quickly.

Right before dinner we were served a sumptuous tray of cheese. These are "a selection of local and international cheeses and pate. Manchego 6 month raw milk, Pierre Robert, Valencay goat cheese, champagne forestier mushroom pate." The Valencay goat cheese I liked (Kitty didn't) and has great visual appeal shaped in a pyramid. It has salty and earthy taste to it. The Manchego was a hard cheese that provide a nice contrast to the others. The pate was good too with the mushroom flavour coming through the strong pate flavours.

But by far the highlight of the cheese plate is the Pierre Robert. This is a triple creme soft cheese that was so soft it almost melted at room temperature. The taste was incredibly rich, creamy and pleasant. It was the most buttery rich cheese I've ever eaten. It was absolutely delicious.

The appetizer was grilled octopus with chorizo and pan0fried fingerling potatoes. The potatoes were a tad undercooked and burnt, but I really enjoyed the octopus and chorizo. I've never been brave enough to cook octopus at home, so this is inspiration for me to try it one day.
The main was porcini-encrusted Alaskan black cod with garlic spinach. The porcini makes for a great crust on the fish as it doesn't overpower the fish flavour but complements it by providing an earthy dimension to the nicely fatty fish. Cod is great when cooked well and it was cooked perfectly. So delicious!
Dessert was Jamie Oliver's Chocolate Pots. So rich and decadent, and worth however many calories it contains. Yum!

They had paired wines as well and I had a glass.

I was really impressed by this home-cooked meal. I even tagged this meal as fine dining because that's what this meal felt like. It was a delicious and fancy meal....experienced in the comfort of home! Thanks!


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