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Paramount Mississauga

Posted: 02/24/16

Paramount Mississauga

Restaurant: Mississauga Paramount

Nelson: I had such a good experience with the downtown location so I decided to check out another Paramount location closer to home. This Mississauga is in the middle of an industrial area, so only people who know about it will visit as they get zero passerby traffic. Despite their crappy location, the restaurant was rammed with a long line of people waiting for seats.

We start with the fun inflated pitas. You can watch them put in the flat raw pitas into the wood burning oven and see them come out inflated. Fun!

To go with the pita we ordered the Moutabbal (left) and Hummus (right). Once again, the eggplant was so very nicely smokey and flavourful. I also really liked the olive oil in the hummus...I could taste the quality.
We were a large group so we shared mostly everything. This was an extra order of chicken shwarma.It's awesome how much hummus they put around the plate. You can't see it, but somehow it had a really nice smokey flavour
Since we were sharing, we ordered a mixed BBQ family platter which included seven kafta skewers, four shish tawouk skewers and four BBQ beef skewers. The beef was a bit burnt, but the kafta was great. It was moist and not gamey at all. I loved it. The extra vegetables that are grilled are a nice touch along with the pickled vegetables.
This the mixed combo family platter with fattoush, chicken and beef shawarma, two kafta skewers, two shish tawouk skewers, two BBQ beef skewers and four falafel pieces. They had a machine that automatically scrapes off the shawarma and I thought that was really cool. The shwarma was only ok. I enjoyed the extra hummus and garlic sauce here. The garlic sauce wasn't very strong though, but at least that made my breath more pleasant.
The fries are nicely cooked for such thick fries and delicious when they came out piping hot.
The rice was nice and oily.
This is sujuk, spicy sausage. It tasted really strongly of lamb and they were really small in size. I personally didn't like this dish very much.
One of the best things about the restaurant is that they have a large display for the desserts. And boy do they look appetizing. Here is a sampling of the baklawa.
This is someone else's kinafe. I think it's a cheese/cream filling topped with stringy pastry hardened with sugar.
Note sure which dessert this one is, but it follows a similar theme to the other ones.

Overall a very filling meal with a lot of a variety. The food was delicious and fresh. I can see why this restaurant is so popular!

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