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Korean Big Beef Ribs

Posted: 02/22/16

Korean Big Beef Ribs

Restaurant: none

Nelson: We somehow came into possession of these large beef ribs (on sale at Oceans?). They aren't cut like the typical kalbi, (thinly across 4 bones), but instead were these large chunks with bits of meat hanging off of them. I didn't know how to cook it, so I took inspiration from my favourite Korean restaurant and tried to cook it like they do.

I could not.

First off, the sauce is different. I cheat and use the premixed stuff which is supposed to be for the thing 4 bone cut. This is the T&T one, although the actual one we used for this batch was a different brand. Whatever sauce they use at the restaurant is different and delicious. The annoying thing about the premade sauce is that looking at the ingredient list, I have all these items. Mostly soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar, plus smaller amounts of other flavourings. I bet I could make the sauce myself if I knew the proper proportions, but I'm too lazy.

Beyond the sauce, I added some green onion, mushrooms and onions (as they do). Still it turned out quite tasty. Not quite as tender though and these pieces had very little meat. Still it was delicious and we reused the sauce to cook some onions. Koreans sure know how to cook their beef ribs!


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