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ACC Suite Food Remixed

Posted: 02/20/16

ACC Suite Food Remixed

Restaurant: Air_Canada_Centre Toronto

Nelson @AirCanadaCentre: This time the food was slightly different from my last visit to a suite. When getting a suite, there are options to customize the food options I guess.

But some things stay the same. Nathan's hot dogs I guess are cheap and filling. Some people may even say delicious. I actually quite like them, so I'm not being sarcastic. It's the perfect food for a baseball game, but there is no go to food for a basketball game so it'll have to do.

Chicken tenders. I think this is a better option over what we had last time. They had lots of these made for us and they weren't eaten too quickly. Although they are frozen, it's a food that's hard to dislike. Especially when they are deep fried.
Actual pasta. Could this be real food? Yes, although it wasn't that good, it shows some amount of effort. It could have used more sauce.
It's a stadium staple, pizza can't be avoided.

Getting a suite is a fun experience, but unfortunately now that the Raptors are good, they've priced them out of the range for normal fans. It's too bad. When they really had to try selling these, the food was great and it was relatively inexpensive. Now the food is worse and it's more expensive. Oh well, at least the Raptors are good!


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