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San Francisco's

Posted: 03/18/16

San Francisco's

Restaurant: Brampton San_Franciscos

dre: Mike and his coworkers came here all the time for lunch. He kept talking about it for years, and I was really jealous every time I heard him talk about the delicious food he ate for lunch on Fridays. Finally, one Friday, he took me to his favourite lunch spot. His coworkers came along as well. Of course, we needed some other people to share the variety!

The first thing that was plopped in front of me was a huge dish of poutine. It's not just poutine, the gravy's got ground meat in it! I'm not the biggest fan of poutine, as you might know, so I nibbled a bit at this dish. I've had better "East Coast Fries" as it was called.

The next thing was my quarter of a chicken and a veal sandwich. Huge meat to bun ratio. I liked it.

This gigantic piece of dough was filled with mushrooms and pepperoni. It was the biggest panzerotti I've ever seen! By the time it came, I was already so full. We strategically cut it up into many bite sized portions, so among the four of us, we finished up the panzerotti easily. I believe it was deep fried, so it just made it extra better.


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  • Although messy, that sandwich looks really good
    Nelson @ 2016-03-20

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