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Home Baking

Posted: 03/10/16

Home Baking

Restaurant: none

dre: I was in the mood for some baking, plus I had some extra apples and pears in the fridge that were getting pretty old. I also wanted to do something with my puff pastry, so I decided to make something Mike really likes... turnovers!
I had peel, cored and cut up the apples and pears and coated them with sugar and some water. I rolled out the puff pastry and attempted to wrap the fruit up nicely. It was a big fail. I also brushed some egg white on the top to make the pastry a little shiny, and sprinkled some icing sugar, but it just turned out burnt looking.
Whatever, even though some of my pastries leaked out, it was still delicious, so next time I will make a better effort on presentation.
I also baked some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I always freeze away half the batch so that we don't eat it all in one sitting!


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