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Hong Kong McDonalds - McWings

Posted: 01/11/08

Hong Kong McDonalds - McWings

Restaurant: Hong_Kong McDonalds

Nelson @ Hong Kong McDonald's: They serve corn everywhere. For some reason Asians are in love with corn.

One other unique item in Hong Kong's McDonalds was the McWings. I don't know how anyone can be full from this, but I ordered it anyway. The best part is the sauce, a tangy thai chilly sauce. The worse part is the chicken.


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  • mmm mcdonald's fries taste the same in every country.... yum

    they have corn on the cob @ KFCs in HK
    dre @ 2008-01-14
  • Yeah, obsession with corn....why???

    Did McDonald's take the beef fat out in HK? I could tell when they did it in Canada, but I wasn't sure if they did it everywhere else as well. From what I remember it tasted as if it didn't have beef fat.
    Nelson @ 2008-01-15
  • I remember seeing a cup of corn option in Taiwan but I still went for the fries there. They didn't taste all that great so they probably didn't have the beef fat either.
    Richard @ 2008-01-17
  • or try switching to cream of corn soup for sides - good soup
    ak @ 2008-03-29

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