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Recycle Party

Posted: 02/29/16

Recycle Party

Restaurant: none

dre: A couple of years ago, a group of us got together for a Christmas party. Instead of doing a real gift exchange where you had to buy a present, you would go into your storage area or basement, find something you forgot you owned, wrapped it up, and hope someone would not accidentally leave it at your house after opening it. We stopped doing this after kids popped out, but decided to bring it back, and the kids got to exchange their toys as well. It usually results in a lot of laughter of the junk people kept, and a lot of relief to get rid of something you just didn't know what to do with it. And sometimes, though more rare, someone will get something that they actually will find useful!

We hosted this year, and I decided to make a prime rib as the main meat. It was juicy when it came out of the oven.

The was the roast after Mike sliced it up. Nicely medium-rared.
I made some chicken pot pies. Actually, I used turkey from the leftover Christmas dinners we had. I bought 2 pie crusts, and used puff pastry as the covering.
This was the result of the cooked pies. I should figure out how to wrap the puff pastry properly next time.
Mushroom with the gravy of the prime rib. This was so delicious!
Mashed potatoes. A little dry and tasteless. Maybe more butter next time.
One of our friends made these puff pastry Christmas trees with whipped cream. It looked fun while they were making it, but most of the trees sagged because the cream was melting as our house got really hot inside.


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