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Koo Koo Chicken

Posted: 02/18/16

Koo Koo Chicken

Restaurant: Koo_Koo_Chicken Mississauga

Nelson: Best Taiwanese place in Mississauga? Quite possibly. Their specialty is their deep fried chicken, but one this day we decided to try something a bit different. We tried their 3 appetizer ($6.95).

On the far left is intestine. Let's just say it had a lot of "flavour". Some people love this about intestine. I, on the other hand, did not like it at all. On the right are Tembula (甜不辣) otherwise known as Taiwanese Fish Cake. I grew up eating this so I loved it. In the middle are some peanuts which were good. Too bad they were so close to the intestine.

Here is the main attraction. This is part of Combo #1, the chicken steak ($10.25). Freshly fried and comes out piping hot, the chicken is battered and salted. This is absolutely delicious and an unique take on fried chicken. The fries on the side (not pictured) are nice and hot too.
The combo comes with a bubble tea. The tea flavour in this one was very strong and reminded me more of a HK milk tea than a bubble tea, which is perhaps a good thing.

I love coming here for the fried chicken. It's worth the drive.

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