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Homemade Pizza

Posted: 02/16/16

Homemade Pizza

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Ok, I admit it, it's not really completely homemade. I like taking shortcuts and the easiest one is to buy the dough premade. This means I don't have to get out a roller (which I don't actually have), flour and test my skills at tossing the dough. I guess you could say that's the fun part. Instead I just put this down on the tray, add tomato sauce, cheese, meats and vegetables and then pop it into the oven. Fast and easy. This time I had some breakfast sausage on hand, so I cooked it and cut it up for the pizza. That type of sausage is perfect for pizza. Then I added some tomato, red pepper and mushrooms. Usually I add too many ingredients and end up with a soggy middle that just falls apart. This time I was conscious to not do that. The last step is some cheese on top and then after 10 minutes dinner is done!


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