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Richlane Chinese Cuisine for Dim Sum

Posted: 02/12/16

Richlane Chinese Cuisine for Dim Sum

Restaurant: Richlane_Chinese_Cuisine Richmond_Hill

Nelson: Richlane Chinese Cuisine is located in that "haunted" Chinese mall in Richmond Hill. This is my first time here and found that it is quite large and bright. We arrived here before 11AM to get the morning discount. But most importantly, how was the food?

Let's start with one of my favourites. They call it steamed rice flour noodle mixed with scallion and dried shrimp wrapped with fried Chinese dough stick. Kinda skimped on the quantity and also the dough fritter was not fresh or crisp. Really disappointing.

Here are a variety of dishes. There's the congee with black egg and pork, pan fried turnip cake with preserved meat and steamed rice flour noodle wrapped with jumbo shrimp. In the back you can see what looks like BBQ pork bun pastries, but they are not. Stay tuned to find out what's inside.
Taro balls. I like these a lot but for some reason not many other people do.
Siu Mai. It comes with 5. That blew my mind. But then again they were tiny. Still....5 siu mai???? Mind. Blown.
Deep fried shrimp in wonton wrappers. Can't forget about the mayo.
My favourite, BBQ pork buns.
Chicken feet. People at our table loved this and ordered 3.
Steamed dumplings that had water chestnut and green onion. Different from what I had before, but not very good.
Deep fried squid tentacles with spicy salt. These were really good here and I recommend you order these.
Steamed rice flour noodle mixed with deep fried spiced tofu and snow pea sprout. This was on their vegetarian menu, which is a nice thing to have, but these weren't that good. Also, there were only 8 pieces in one order.
Steamed squid with preserved shrimp paste.
Tripe. Not my favourite. We ordered so much food I avoided trying any.
These are fried BBQ pork buns that are white in colour. Never seen this before, but unfortunately not that good tasting.
Sticky Rice! I wonder if each restaurant makes their own or just order them frozen from some common factory.
Rice noodle with sliced Angus beef and cloud ear (mushroom). Another new one for me, this was ok.
Har Gow.
Deep fried fish balls. These were interesting and might have been good except there was too much cilantro for my liking.
Called on the menu, Steamed Sponge Cake "Hong Kong Style".
Not sure what the English name for these are. Deep fried something something?
Tofu skin rolls, I really like how these are so saucy.
Clay pot rice where the rice had a nice crisp texture.
These are a house special milk custard tart. Dan ta, but without eggs and only milk. Interesting concept and makes them look a bit eerie. The custard turned out to be much too runny, but at least the shell was really good. I still prefer the ones with egg, but this was unique.
These were deep fried almond dumplings filled with almond puree. Check out the next picture for the insides....
...gooey!. It came out piping hot and I really really really liked this dessert. I haven't had this exact dessert before, but I really really liked it. Favourite item from the whole meal.
This is another dessert that was seen in the 2nd picture background, that looked like BBQ pork pastries, but inside is a cranberry filling. I thought this was really weird to eat at a Chinese restaurant.
Last is a deep fried walnut mixed with custard bun. It was a bit dry and had only one tiny walnut piece.

I didn't leave the meal thinking it was bad, but when I broke it down just now, it consistently was not good. But still, it's hard to have bad dim sum and this definitely was not bad food. They tried to be creative in several instances, but not very successfully. Overall, not very good, but still serviceable dim sum that at least tries to push the envelope.

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  • The deep fried thing was "salty water horn" in literal translation? haha

    The rice noodle dishes looked unique, but too bad they didn't deliver in taste.

    I love that sponge cake and the almond ball looked amazing!!
    dre @ 2016-02-17

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