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I love P4

Posted: 02/10/16

I love P4

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Forever immortalized as P4 due to the menu item as now defunct Sunshine Express, this is such a simple meal, yet it is so good. Just boiled chicken legs in soya sauce on top of rice. P4 comes with an egg over hard on top, but at home it's nicer to have some vegetables on the side. Well it's nice to have the egg too, but I guess I was too lazy to cook it. The best part is that at home you can make a tonne of the garnish, a combination of green onion, ginger, oil and salt. I love the garnish so much I make enough to drown the chicken in it. For added flavour, we bought some hainan chicken oil to cook the rice in and it comes out with this wonderful rich flavour. It's a delight. Simple, cheap and fast yet absolutely delicious. I must make this again soon!


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