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Happy Lunar New Year!

Posted: 02/08/16

Happy Lunar New Year!

Restaurant: BTrust

Nelson: Happy Lunar New Year! Surprisingly, I have never seen these apples before with text carved into them, but Kitty says they are very common. The way they make them is to use a stencil as they are maturing to block the sunlight resulting in this colour variation. It's a neat idea. I had to spend $80 to get these at a discounted price (10 for $7) from BTrust.
I happened to go to a Chinese supermarket today and I thought it would be insane, but it appears most people went yesterday as it was "relatively" empty. There was still a huge lineup to get the BBQ meats though.

It is tradition on New Year's to eat fish. I have never seen this before, but the fish thanks were completely empty, devoid of all live fish. See that huge half tuna? I ended up buying some to try out. I wonder how it'll turn out, so stay tuned in a year from now when I post it, haha.

I ended up going to watch the Superbowl this night instead of celebrating Chinese New Year with my family as my parents are in Taiwan. I was able to celebrate the night before with Kitty's family thankfully. 恭喜發財!


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