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Dinner at Pickle Barrel

Posted: 02/09/16

Dinner at Pickle Barrel

Restaurant: Brampton Pickle_Barrel

dre @thepicklebarrel: I always enjoy Pickle Barrel's food, and while I've complained that their service is so slow, I think it's gotten better. I like this location as well, because it's right in the mall. It's very kid friendly as you can wander out of the restaurant and walk around the open space of the mall if your kids get unruly. Plus, there is an escalator right outside, and you know how much kids love going up and down the escalator? Maybe it's just my kids, but I don't think they are that unique...

Anyway, while they were having fun, I ordered them breakfast meal, knowing that they will totally devour the eggs, bacon, bread, and fruit. In fact, I think their four favourite things are all there. This was the perfect kid's meal and I'm glad Pickle Barrel served it all day.

Mike tried the steak sandwich, which I thought wasn't too special, but was tasty. I had the mushroom burger, and was surprised to see 2 patties. Unfortunately, the meat was overdone and a little burnt. You can see Mike and I tried to be healthier by opting out of the French fries and sticking with soup and salad as our sides.

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