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S & J Wedding

Posted: 02/02/16

S & J Wedding

Restaurant: Delta_Markham Markham

Nelson:S & J's wedding was an afternoon affair, but they served a complete meal! This was at the Delta hotel, but they brought in their own desserts for the wedding cake from Duo Patisserie, the Yuco. These were gigantic in size, while the guests had more normal sized ones. Beautiful to look at and delicious too!
The food was buffet style and had a great variety. This is the pene pasta for vegetarians.
Chicken pasta, I want to say ravioli, but I know it isn't. What type of pasta is this?
Here are some deep fried apps. I liked the round ball ones which are filled with beef the best. Other ones include breaded shrimp and deep fried cheese.
Shrimp platter! Or rather huge shrimp platter. The Chinese people attending the wedding demolished this very very very quickly.
These are Peking duck mini wraps. A sort of fusion dish if you will. It was decent, but I think I like the original better. Not sure what the tomato soup shot glasses were as I skipped it at first and then they ran out later.
There was even a roast beef platter. It was really good with a nice seasoning covering the outside and actual rare pieces to be had. Yum.
Here's my platter of food. There was also sushi and a veggie platter not pictured. Right at the beginning there were some sandwiches too (not pictured) that were delicious. Maybe I was hungry upon arriving.
There were some desserts, but I opted to have only this waffle. It was crisp and sweet with a good selection of toppings to choose from.

Much more food than I was expecting, I was definitely full! Congrats S & J!


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