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RD's Fried Chicken

Posted: 01/31/16

RD's Fried Chicken

Restaurant: Brampton RDs_BBQ

Nelson: Good Southern BBQ is hard to find in Toronto and even harder in the suburbs. RD's remedies this for those on the west side, specifically Brampton. This location has a hole in the wall feeling, but the food is awesome.

We start with the fried okra. It's fried the right amount to make okra tasty, but the batter falls off easily. The dipping sauce is really good and although I'm not sure what's in it, it tastes buttery. It's addictive.

Here are some hush puppies. I usually don't like hush puppies much, but these were pretty good and came out nice and piping hot Once again the sauce made it delicious. .
The fried chicken is a special order and it is amazing. It looks burnt, but it's not at all as the batter colours it this way. The batter has a bit of spice, a bit honey garlic sweetness and of course deep fried to perfection. It's finished with a bit of honey drizzled all over it. The chicken itself is very very juicy while the outside is nicely crisped.

The mac and cheese is generously cheesy as it should be.

Here's a side order of coleslaw. It's more creamy than sour, which is what I like personally.
The gravy is incredible here, buttery and smooth with a great depth of flavour. Plus it has a bit of spiciness to it and a bit of surprising sourness which is actually welcome. They were very addictive and we added some fries to eat dip them in.

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