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Kinton Ramen

Posted: 01/23/16

Kinton Ramen

Restaurant: Kinton_Ramen Toronto

Nelson @KintonRamen: One of my favourite Ramen places we came here on a cold winter day for some ramen to warm us right up.

We start with hot karage ($5.80). Hot as in spicy. I've had some really good karage here, but this time it had too much batter and it wasn't cooked that well (not crisp). A bit disappointing in that sense, but the spiciness got our blood flowing.

Their most famous dish, the cheese ramen ($12.9). Ingredients that you really wouldn't think go well together actually go better than expected. For some reason the first time I ate this I had a better experience, but even though it is normal, it was a bit too gooey and thick. I really liked the corn in the miso based ramen soup. I still think this is one of the most unique dishes ever and worth having.
I tried a spicy garlic flavour with chili pepper, bean sprouts, scallions and grated garlic ($10.90). The other choices include regular fat soupt, thick noodles and pork belly along with an egg ($1.50).

This ramen tastes great with a lot of strong flavours competing for attention. Its flavours remind me more of Chinese flavours than Japanese with more boldness than typical Japanese dishes. I loved that they throw on a large clump of garlic. Love.

I highly recommend getting the seasoned egg. Inside the thick flowing yolk is cooked perfectly. The blow torched pork belly is great as always. A delicious meal that really warmed us up!

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