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King Dragon Cuisine for Rock Paper Scissors Dim Sum

Posted: 01/19/16

King Dragon Cuisine for Rock Paper Scissors Dim Sum

Restaurant: King_Dragon_Cuisine Richmond_Hill

Nelson: Back here for another round of dim sum and another round of rock paper scissors for the rice & pork in clay pot. I believe we won this one. I also believe they stopped doing this because we won this twice. No they probably stopped doing this because Chinese restaurant margins are already so low and giving away free food isn't a viable business decision. Anyway, fun while it lasted.
Cheung Fun. Covered in sauce, just like how Kitty likes it. This one is plain.
This is my favourite, the fried fritter in rice roll (cheung fun). I like how they add pork floss on top, as I love that stuff. Two items I love together make this even better!
Turnip cake. Meh.
Steamed BBQ Pork buns, my favourite at dim sum.
Once again, I must say the tendon was really delicious and full of flavour. Also, chicken feet on the right.
The standard siu mai, but with a thin piece of scallop and roe on top. I like these two toppings, so I liked this a lot. A good way to differentiate themselves from other run of the mill dim sum places.
Har Gow.

Not the fanciest dim sum, but definitely some good dishes and some variation to mix it up. Pretty good, pretty good.

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