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Prince Japanese Steakhouse

Posted: 01/17/16

Prince Japanese Steakhouse

Restaurant: Prince_Japanese_Steak_House Toronto

Nelson: No reservations on Valentine's so we just showed up to this local restaurant really late at night and were seated. There was no special ripoff Valentine's menu pricing, so that was a definite plus. Maybe it's not so common in the suburbs? Or maybe the Chinese owners don't do this kind of thing?

Anyway we start with an appetizer of tempura ($7.50) which includes 2 shrimp, yam, taro, eggplant, zucchini. I bit oily overall and not cooked with expert skill.

We were here to have teppanyaki meals and the salad is included. The dressing is creamy sesame.
You get a choice between two soups so Kitty and I had one of each. On the right is the miso shiru which is a flavourful balance of fish stock, tofu and wakame. On the left is Osumashi, a ginger flavoured chicken broth with diced chicken and green onion.
For an extra $3 you can get Japanese fried rice. Strangely this came first. This dish tasted like butter. Well the chef started with a block of green onion butter so it's not that surprising. Basically butter was poured on everything and instead of fried rice, it tasted like butter rice.
Kitty picked the Choice of Two Teppanyaki option ($22) and she picked salmon and scallop. The scallop was a tad overcooked which made it a waste, but the salmon benefit from the longer than usual cook time because it was crisp on the outside. Once again everything was cooked in butter, so that the butter taste dominated.
I ordered the filet mignon Teppanyaki meal ($26). It came out much more rare than the asked for medium rare. Once again it was drowning in butter, but at least the meat was pretty tender. Some pieces were beyond rare and practically uncooked. I think this was a result of the pieces not cut to a consistent size and then on top of that it wasn't mixed very well while it was cooking. Basically bad cooking overall.
Here is the stereotypical onion volcano. Maybe because there were a lot of customers that night, but our chef was the least skilled I've ever experienced. He wasn't entertaining or skilled. He attempted to crack the egg on the blade and kept messing it up. I'm ok if the chef is not entertaining, but at least cook well. Well he was really messy with everything, and as already mentioned, didn't cook the meats very well. So fail all around.
Here are the vegetables, once again drowning in oil. At least there is a decent variety.

The meal felt like I was eating buttery. No subtly, no cooking skill on display, just butter. Drown everything in butter, cook it and serve to customers. It was a disappointing experience overall.

Despite being minutes away from my home, I don't think I'll come back here. Too bad too :(

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