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Hamilton's Farmer's Market

Posted: 01/30/16

Hamilton's Farmer's Market

Restaurant: none

dre: The farmer's market in Hamilton is opened all year round. It is held indoors, similarly to St. Lawrence Market, but much cleaner and less crowded. I went there for lunch while visiting a friend that lives in Hamilton.

There was a booth from the company Eat Industries Inc, which sources local foods to serve. They have several different "restaurants", a Taqueria, a ramen booth, and even ice cream. My friend got the braised chicken with butter lettuce, Roma tomatoes and lemon garlic aioli sandwich. She said it was a little dry. I wonder if that's the result of cooking the chicken too long.

We got some empanadas. I didn't think these were the best I've had, and the inside was okay. Lots of potato, but not much meat. Is there supposed to be meat in empanadas? I also thought the tortilla had a rough texture. I think I was expecting something deep fried, like a samosa.
Pork tacos. Lots of cheese which i tried to pick off. Then under that was lots of sour cream that I also tried to pick off. It was messy to eat, so I wasn't a big fan.
I did get something that Lauren and I enjoyed, pizza and pasta! Lauren especially loved the pizza and was really really messy after devouring 2 slices.


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