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Prana Coconut Chips

Posted: 01/20/16

Prana Coconut Chips

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dre @PranaBio: It is really hard to find healthy snacks to eat. I was sent these coconut chips to try out from @dvcomms. They are organic, gluten free, and vegan. I got to try three flavours - Jive: Spicy Chili, Hula - Sea salt and pepper, and Charleston: - BBQ. Cute names that correspond to a type of dance.

Now, coconut is not exactly my favourite, so it took a while to be motivated to try these. I opened the BBQ flavour first, as it seemed the most appealing, as BBQ potato chips are my favourite flavour. Both Mike, who loves coconut, and I did not think the flavour went well with coconut. We do not like wasting food, so it was a couple days later before we opened the next bag to try out. Hula, the sea salt and pepper flavour was next on our list and these were better. Still not my favourite, but Mike liked them better. Finally, we opened Jive, and Mike enjoyed this bag the best. The coconut taste was too strong for me, and I couldn't get over that to enjoy the flavouring.

The chips felt really greasy as well, so I'm not sure how healthy these are, but surprisingly addictive, as Mike kept snacking on the spicy chili bag. If you like coconut, give these a try. The order we liked the flavours were Jive, Hula, and we did not like the Charleston at all.


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