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Beef and Brew Pub

Posted: 01/24/16

Beef and Brew Pub

Restaurant: Beef_and_Brew Geneva

dre: We met up with my god-mother and god-brother for dinner. He chose this restaurant because he knew we liked beer and this pub served a lot of micro-brews and there was a lot of selection. I chose Blue Moon, a wheat beer, which is my favourite type.
We got some appetizers, the first one that was passed to us was the Five Spice Calamari ($11.95) - deep fried calamari with special seasonings served with spicy mayo and marinara dipping sauces. The calamari was good, but I didn't taste any particular spices or seasonings. Generic, but still enjoyable.
We got some Nachos with Cheese, Sour Cream and Salsa ($9.95). Can you see someone trying to see the dish? ;)
The Tomato Bruschetta ($6.95) was harder to share because it was smaller, but I passed after seeing all the cheese on it.
I ordered the Saturday night special, the 14 oz Prime Rib ($22.95). The sides I chose were applesauce (for the kids), and mashed potatoes (also mostly for the kids). This was really delicious and I ate the entire thing.
Mike got a variation of shepherd's pie, but it's not on the menu anymore. I think there was the word Irish in the name, like Irish pie or something like that. It was similar to shepherd's pie, where there is meat underneath the potatoes. I tried a little bit and didn't like it that much.

This place was really great and at the front had a live music and lots of people were engaged and singing along. The food was delicious as well! Not to mention the service was really great and the server really accommodated us with our crazy kids walking around.

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