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4th Chocolate Tour Stop - Dlish Cupcakes

Posted: 01/13/16

4th Chocolate Tour Stop - Dlish Cupcakes

Restaurant: Dlish_Cupcakes Toronto

Nelson @DlishCupcakes: Thankfully this tour stop provided a box to take away their product as we were getting full. At first we tried resisting eating any, but then we decided to share one of them on the spot and then enjoyed the other one later in the day. Dlish has a neat clean store that saw a lot of foot traffic as our group tried to avoid the stream of customers. Dlish specializes in cupcakes with fresh ingredients and never refrigerate their products. In fact they explicitly recommend not refrigerating their cupcakes because that just dries them out.

On the left we have a salted caramel. Usually I'm not a big fan of cupcakes, but I think the freshness made a big difference and I enjoyed this immensely. The salt was subtle and not overwhelming with more of a salty finish. It was surprising good.

On the right is dark chocolate. These are the best sprinkles I have ever had, and I'm not sure what made them so good, but they were delicious.

Now I know where the get the freshest cupcakes possible. Yum!

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