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2nd Chocolate Tour Stop - Delysees

Posted: 01/09/16

2nd Chocolate Tour Stop - Delysees

Restaurant: Delysees Toronto

Nelson @delyseestoronto: This feels a legit French bakery, yet it is located in Toronto. You can't help but to appreciate the clean neat design of the interior and wonderful display of baked goods on offer. This was the second stop of the chocolate tour and the store is big enough to house our entire party without a problem. Up front are various baked goods and sandwiches, but beyond that are what people come here for - desserts.
All sorts of fancy eclairs. We weren't here to try these...unfortunately.
Fancy Valentine Day treats. Those bleeding hearts really do look like they are bleeding. We weren't here to try these...unfortunately.
Fancy chocolates. The colours are so vibrant and shiny. We weren't here to try these...unfortunately.
More truffles, perhaps a tad bit traditional, but still looking absolutely delicious. We weren't here to try these...unfortunately.
We were here to try their macarons! Look at the variety and the mix of so many bright colours! This is a really attractive display of macarons and we tried four of them.
Starting from the left is a coconut macaron that explodes with coconut flavour. It had a surprising amount of real coconut. Excellent.

Next is double chocolate as this was a chocolate tour after all. The dark chocolate on the outside is rich with a nice filling texture. Then because this is double chocolate, the inside layer is a thick helping of chocolate cream that would satisfy any chocolate lover.

Praline was my choice and it had a nice nutty flavour. It was smooth, sweet and sticky. Yum.

Last is the lime basil. This one also exploded with flavour. Lots of sweet lime flavour, but not as much basil. It was excellent as well.

Delysees Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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