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Chocolate Tour 1st stop - Forno Cultura

Posted: 01/07/16

Chocolate Tour 1st stop - Forno Cultura

Restaurant: Forno_Cultura Toronto

Nelson @fornocultura: For Valentine's Kitty got me a walking Chocolate tour from Best Tours. It was a very cold day, but there was chocolate to be eaten!

Our first stop was Forno Cultura which inhabits a combined working space and shop that makes it feel warm and inviting. The displays of food are mouth watering too. Here is a small sampling of their baked goods and so many look appetizing.

Even the sandwiches look deliciously tempting. We were on a chocolate tour though, so no sandwiches for us.
Instead we tried these two bite chocolate olive cakes. Yes, that's right, they used olives in a dessert. The result? A completely deliciously unique flavour unlike anything I've have had before. So many combinations of flavours that include very salty, briny, sweet, chocolaty, oily and moist. And the bonus is a real olive at the bottom. You wouldn't expect olives to go well with chocolate, but this really works spectacularly. Yum!

Forno Cultura Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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