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Happy New Year, Say Cheese!

Posted: 01/01/16

Happy New Year, Say Cheese!

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Nelson @Cheese_Boutique: Happy New Year! This was from a party I hosted last year in my new house. This year with a newborn baby I will probably be at home asleep.

We endeavoured to make a cheese plate from a selection bought from the food lovers dream store that is known as the Cheese Boutique. To start in the middle, my sister brought from NYC some red wine cheese. I don't remember the name, but I remember bitterness was the dominating taste. I suppose that makes sense since wine is bitter to a certain extent.

On the left was the most popular cheese called picobello, "a unique Dutch cheese similar to Gouda". It was great because it had a salty nutty taste that was very popular. It was delicious and my favourite too.

In the back, the staff helped me pick the lightest blue cheese they have. I have unfortunately forgotten the name, but it was excellent. I picked a light blue cheese because Kitty is not a fan of blue cheese in general, but she actually liked this one. Good job staff at Cheese Boutique, they really know their stuff.

On the right is one named Running of the Bulls. It is a sheep's milk cheese from Spain with a rosemary crust. The rosemary definitely lends it a heavy flavour. It was decent, but I don't think I would get it again.

In the back you can see some cubes we cut up from Cracker Barrel bricks. My favourite is the white cheddar. I cut up some mozzarella and cheddar as well. The round meat is slices of kolbassa that are absolutely delicious on their own. These were eaten so quickly and I refilled it and then they were eaten quickly as well. In the back are some meat scrap from La Rose bakery. It adds some nice variety. Also, raisins and shelled sunflower seeds, because why not. Plates of cracker on the right. Also thank you grace for the cutting board and the cheese utensils!

Ham is easy to make. I just added some brown sugar and pineapple and heated it up. This was absolutely delicious. Yes it's a bit sweet, but it's also salty and fatty and tastes so good.
I had a whole bunch of other foods as well, but didn't take a photo. Here's a nacho/salsa platter and a veggie platter. Richard brought Pringles which I hate. I feel like they are too manufactured. But the real reason I included this shot was for the Chateau du Bourgogne cheese at the bottom. It's a triple cream cheese and it was heavenly. Probably full of fat, but it tastes so soft and creamy. So good!!!
Lastly is the some Portugal alcoholic drinks. A nice light Vinho Verde which is quite difficult to find here and of course a port wine. This specific one is a rare white port wine which was quite sweet. Yum!

This year's New Year celebration will so be so different.


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