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Duo Patisserie's Yuco

Posted: 12/30/15

Duo Patisserie's Yuco

Restaurant: Duo_Patisserie Markham

Nelson @duo_patisserie: These amazing looking creations are from a French bakery opened by Chinese owners. Judging based on this one item, I would say they are doing a good job.

This pasty called Yuco looks amazing. These were used in place of a wedding cake as the bakery made two extra big ones and they sure do look fancy.

It is made up of coconut nectar, light yuzu cheescake, yuzu mango confit and crispy crust. I like the light citrusy taste of this dessert that is light yet satisfyingly sweet. The cheesecake part of it is very light and the crispy bottom provides a nice crunchy contrast. Beautiful and delicious.

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